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Welcome To Airstream Smart Control Technology

Our Smart Control Technology will open a whole world of new experiences for you and your family. Fueled by extensive consumer research and the opportunity to lead the industry, Airstream’s new platform will transform how you interact with and use your recreational?vehicle.

Getting Started

Learn how to set up your Airstream Smart Control app in our step-by-step user guide so you can get started on your next big adventure. Now you’re in control.

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Connecting to 4G LTE

Your new Airstream Classic with Smart Technology keeps you connected on the open road. The first year of unlimited data is on us – start streaming in five easy steps.

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Rebate Form

Complete your Smart Control Technology rebate form to get full access to the Wireless 12-Month Unlimited Adventure Plan.

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We're here to help.

2019 Classic Owners Manual

Click below to view the 2019 Classic Owners Manual

Need Assistance?

For additional assistance using your Airstream Classic, please contact the Customer Service & Technical Support Team 1(877) 596-6111, option 1 or [email protected]

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