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Interstate Spotlight Video

Take a closer look at the Interstate – both inside and out. See how the Grand Tour and Lounge floor plans compare to each other, and how the best is built into every area.

Sleeping space choices to fit your needs

The Grand Tour is designed for long-term trips for two, so it offers a choice in sleeping accommodations to suit your needs – each one luxuriously comfortable. Select from a power sofa that becomes a full rear bed or separate twin mattresses in the rear of the RV. You can even slide the twin mattresses together in the center for a full, fixed bed option.

Work station to keep you caught up

When you need to reply to some emails or get some work done while you’re on the road, the Grand Tour’s built-in work station is the perfect spot. The driver’s seat swivels around to become your chair, and the desk is made of the same Corian? countertop from the kitchen. USB charging ports are right where you need them, along with a reading light and a TV.

Airstream Air Ride Suspension

The rear of the Grand Tour is equipped with our exclusive optional Air Ride Suspension which adjusts itself to bumps in the road, changes in elevation, and changes in wind resistance, so you can enjoy a smooth ride, mile after mile.

Four-wheel drive, whenever you need it

An optional on-demand four-wheel drive system from Mercedes-Benz gives you added stability and control. When you press the button, Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability and Electronic Traction systems work together to ensure your Grand Tour is prepared for inclement road&nbsp;conditions.

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