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Caravel Appliances

Inventive modern kitchen

Did you know you can roast a chicken in a convection microwave? That’s just one of the available Caravel kitchen features that’ll inspire a more exciting camp meal. From the stainless steel gas stove with cast-iron burners to the modern residential Moen? faucet, you’ll enjoy cooking even more in a space you love to use.

Caravel Panoramic Windows

Panoramic front and rear windows

It’s all about the view, and no matter which side of the Caravel 16RB you’re on you’ve got a panoramic one. Our custom Airstream windows are riveted right into the frame of the trailer and designed to give you a bigger opening radius so more breeze can flow throughout.

Caravel Quitstream? Climate Control

Quietstream? Climate Control

The Caravel comes with an electronic thermostat to control our patented Quietstream ducted climate control system that easily and quickly cools the cabin in relative silence. It even features a heat pump that pulls ambient heat from the air to warm the travel trailer without using the furnace – and without causing condensation. And when you really need to warm up, the onboard furnace is ready for cold-weather trips, too.

Spacious rear bath

The 22FB Caravel floor plan features a spacious bathroom that spans the whole back of the trailer, with a wood door and a window. A standalone shower includes a built-in seat, and a vanity with cabinet storage gives you plenty of space to get ready.

Ultraleather? seating

Caravel’s Ultraleather seating is incredibly supple and soft, yet durable and long-lasting with special strengthening components. It resists temperature change and will never crack from cold weather. And it’s easy to clean, pet-friendly, and won’t scratch or stain, so your furniture looks as beautiful down the road as it did on day one.

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